CAREGiver of the Month, Janurary 2017: Akilah H

Akilah H

We are kicking off our new year with Akilah H as our choice for CAREGiver of the

Month! Akilah goes above and beyond to care for her clients. For example, one of

her client’s, Mrs. K does not have family in town and had to go to the emergency

room. Akilah stayed with Mrs. K in the ER and the hospital staff released Mrs. K

under Akilah’s care. Akilah stayed with her from 1 pm until 8 am the next day

when another CAREGiver relieved her.

Another one of Akilah’s clients, Mr. M, had dementia and aphasia and had

difficulty communicating. He would become frustrated and angry when others

didn’t understand him. Akilah learned to understand him and what he needed

and he grew to trust her. Mr. M also had difficulty swallowing. Akilah prepared

food that he could eat and his nutrition improved. She never gives up on her

clients and finds a way to gain their trust so she can care for them in the best

possible way. Akilah customizes her care for each client. She is kind and

considerate and knows when a client needs words of encouragement or when she

is just there to listen.

Thank you Akilah for your kind and compassionate heart.