CAREGiver Wages and Benefits

Home Helper In Home Aide CNA*/Specialized

Completed Training $8.50 $9.00 $9.25

2000 Hours $8.75 $9.25 $9.50

4000 Hours $9.00 $9.50 $9.75

6000 Hours $9.25 $9.75 $10.00

8500 Hours $9.50 $10.00 $10.25

*Paid only when client is assessed at a CNA level of care. Inexperienced CNAs (regardless of training received elsewhere) will start at the $9.00 In Home Aide rate. CNAs with at least one year of verifiable, quality experience may start at $9.25 by passing the HHA competency exam with 10% or less incorrect answers and competent demonstration of skills as determined by our nurse. CNA’S will receive CNA wages when working with a CNA or Specialized Care client. Current pay structure remains for CNA’s hired prior to 1/1/17. Management reserves the right to move CNAs to clients with higher level of needs.

All training including orientation, personal care training, in-services, specialized training, and CAREGiver meetings and mandatory CAREGiver Exchange Days are paid at minimum wage ($7.25 per hour) for the number of hours in training.

A wait time gap of one hour or less between shifts will be paid at minimum wage.

CAREGivers are reimbursed for mileage driven while on assignment with their client (not to and from work) only when driving their own vehicle. Reimbursement is $.55 per mile.

Specialized Wages are paid on clients requiring specialized care. Specialized care is recommended by the Client Care Coordinator based upon assessment and includes the following:

  • When there is a requirement for a C.N.A. (with clients who need help with 3 Activities of Daily Living or more)

  • Chronic or extensive incontinence care

  • Bed bound clients

  • Specialized equipment and services

  • Dementia care involving combative behaviors, wandering, and delusions.

  • Hospice support

Overnight shifts

  • All personal care sleepover shifts (when CAREGiver can sleep) are paid at $85.00 for 10 hours. Home Helper overnight shifts are paid at $82.50 for 10 hours (if client gets up 2 times or less).

  • When a CAREGiver is not on a sleepover shift, CAREGiver will be paid the hourly rate.

Two person care

  • Home Helper level of care- $10.00 per hour

  • In-home aide level of care- $11.50 per hour

  • CNA level of care/Specialized care- $12.00 per hour

Two hour wages, one person/two persons

  • One person per hour- $13.00 / Two persons $14.00

Wage adjustment guidelines

  • CAREGiver must have worked on average at least 20 hours per week during the most recent three month qualification period in order to receive a wage adjustment.

  • CAREGivers must attend required training and be in good standing to be eligible for pay raises.

  • Good standing requirements include: completion of mandatory training, mandatory CAREGiver Exchange Days and Alzheimer’s training; have all documents up to date including annual skill assessment by an RN and annual Performance Evaluation; CAREGiver is accepting assignments and does not have any warnings in the last 6 months.

Referral Bonus Program

  • Receive $100.00 bonus when you refer a friend or family member after they are working for 100 hours.

  • Receive $50.00 bonus when you refer a person who becomes a client for 30 days.

Circle of Excellence

  • Eligible CAREGivers can earn up to $.25 per hour for each hour worked up to 40 hours per week of client services ($130 per quarter maximum bonus).

  • Requirements Include:

  • Work an average of 110 hours per month for the quarter

  • Work a minimum of 12 hours per month on the weekends, 36 hours for the quarter. Weekend work is defined as starting at 6:00 am Saturday and ending at 6:00 am on Monday

  • Attend all mandatory trainings

  • No call outs for the quarter

  • Be in Good Standing

Vacation Benefit

The CAREGiver Vacation Benefit is meant to reward the loyal, hard-working CAREGivers of Home Instead Senior Care.

  • Eligibility

  • Must be an active employee in good standing for at least one year

  • Must have all required documentation in compliance

  • Must be in Good Standing with no warnings in the last 6 months

  • Must have worked in the past 90 days

  • Must have worked an average of 30 hours per week during the year

  • Determination of eligibility and pay

  • At the anniversary of the hire date of the employee, office staff will determine the number of hours worked during the year. They will divide that number by 52 (the number of weeks in a year) to determine the average number of hours worked per week.

  • Maximum number of hours to be used in calculations will be 40 hours per week (2080 hours per year). Vacation is not paid in overtime hours.

  • Pay rate is your current wage. Home Helper, In home aide or specialized wage rate, depending on which category you have worked the most. Overtime wages are not included in the calculation.

  • The number of paid vacation days is determined by the average number of hours worked per week. In the first year, a CAREGiver may earn up to five (5) paid vacation days. An additional ‘day’ is added for each year the CAREGiver is employed and meets eligibility requirements outlined above. A ‘day’ is defined as the CAREGiver’s average day for the year. The maximum number of days that may be earned is seven (7).

  • We highly encourage you to take vacation days as this will allow you to refresh and recharge.

  • Vacation time must be used between the anniversary date and the next anniversary. Any unused time will be lost. It will not roll over into the next year.


  • Vacation pay will not be granted from November 15 through December 31.

  • If a CAREGiver leaves the employ of Home Instead Senior Care, either voluntarily or involuntarily, then the CAREGiver forfeits the vacation benefit.

  • Example: A CAREGiver worked 1600 hours during the first year. 1600 divided by 52 weeks equals a Vacation Benefit of 30.8 hours (31 hours rounded up). You will be paid for 31 hours and can take 31 hours off.